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5 good reasons to adopt an older dog


Many people adopt puppies in shelters. Adult dogs are much less coveted, yet they have just as much love to give. However, there are many advantages to adopting an older dog. False prejudices about old dogs in shelters are popular: they are difficult to integrate into the family, they are more complicated to train, etc. However, these prejudices are often false and unfounded. Adopting an old dog often rhymes with a peaceful and relaxed life. Why is this? Here are 5 good reasons to adopt an old dog.

By adopting an old dog, you know its character

5 good reasons to adopt an older dog

When you adopt a puppy, you sometimes need to obtain detailed information about his pedigree to estimate his character, development, size, etc. However, nothing is certain.

On the other hand, older dogs will not change. Their character is well defined and you will have no surprises when you adopt them. So you can see the dog’s character as well as many other aspects to see if it fits your lifestyle. From the very first visit, you will immediately see whether the dog likes you or not.

Of course, you will need to find out about the dog’s past in order to get all the information you can about him.

Older dogs have already assimilated the rules.

Sometimes adopters are afraid that they will not be able to control an older dog because of its sometimes difficult past, but this prejudice is often unfounded. Sometimes, the dog has been mistreated for several years by its former owner and therefore, it is unable to integrate into his new family. However, the majority of adult dogs waiting for a new home are abandoned due to changes in their personal or professional situation, such as divorce or death.

As a rule, the dog has been well trained and knows the basic rules. Sometimes they already know the commands “sit”, “paw” or “down”.

Older dogs are grateful

Of course, if you adopt an adult dog, you must continue to educate him. Education is useless if it is not consistently maintained. Some dog breeds take advantage of the lack of education for their owners. Therefore, you must always be careful not to let your dog take over, even if he is already quite old. You must be patient with him if he has entrenched bad habits.

Training an adult dog is not necessarily more difficult or complicated than training a puppy. Dogs never stop learning, just like us. They are capable of learning commands throughout their lives. In addition, older dogs generally act calmer than puppies. You will also notice this if you train your dogs: young dogs are quickly distracted, while older dogs have a longer attention span.

In addition, older dogs adopted from shelters will be forever grateful to you for providing them with a new home. They will do everything they can to please you and to thank you.

Older dogs also enjoy doing nothing

5 good reasons to adopt an older dog

While puppies have a lot of energy to expend during the day, an older dog will appreciate the quietness. He will enjoy napping in his basket and won’t mind if you leave him alone for a little while. He will appreciate short walks and does not need to spend hours every day (depending on the breed of course).

The amount of exercise your dog will need will vary depending on the animal. Some breeds need more exercise than others. But even those breeds appreciate having quiet time after a certain age: it’s a great way to recharge the batteries before the next walk!

You save money by adopting an older dog

Often, adult dogs in shelters are vaccinated, dewormed, and identified at the time of adoption. They are also neutered/spayed depending on the shelter. Adopting an adult dog usually saves the veterinarian fees that you may have when adopting a puppy. In addition, you pay much less by adopting from a shelter rather than a breeder.

Of course, this does not mean that you should neglect your veterinary budget. As your dog gets older, he may develop other illnesses. But with a diet adapted to the dog’s needs, regular health checks at the veterinarian’s, and following the vaccination schedule, you can avoid many diseases or detect them in time so that treatment is more effective. When you adopt a dog, always ask if there are any known diseases in his family.

So, convinced?

You now know all the advantages of adopting an adult dog. Many dogs are waiting for a new home in shelters. They need you.

And if you’ve already taken the plunge, you wish yourself a long life with your new companion!

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