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6 mistakes that dog owners make at the vet’s office


For a dog owner, a visit to the vet is an obligatory ritual to ensure the good health of his four-legged best friend. Even if your best friend seems to be in good health, a check-up with the veterinarian should be done at least once a year. A visit to the veterinarian can be a routine visit or a real health problem. Because yes, many owners (and maybe even you) make mistakes by going to the vet!

Here are 6 common mistakes made by dog owners when going to the vet. Read them carefully to prepare for your next visit.

Not keeping your dog on a leash

Your dog may be the nicest and most sociable animal, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore safety rules. The veterinarian’s waiting room is a stressful place, both for the animals and for the owners, and under this stressful atmosphere, it is difficult to control the behavior of other animals.

Keeping your dog on a leash in the veterinarian’s waiting room helps keep him/her close to you and avoids any conflict with another animal.

Do not warn the veterinarian of your dog’s grumpiness.

If your dog has a small temper, is sometimes aggressive or is simply under a lot of stress, it is in your best interest to mention this as soon as you arrive in the examination room. The objective of the veterinarian is to do everything possible to calm the animal and avoid any aggressive reaction. If he is not alerted to your dog’s temperament, it presents a risk for him. Similarly, if your companion tends to suffer from severe anxiety, it is a good idea to point this out so that the veterinarian can take steps to calm him down.

Letting your dog approach other animals

You may not mind letting your dog who is a little too sociable go and mate with other patients, after all, it makes him happy to see other dogs. However, the anxiety-provoking nature of the veterinarian’s waiting room is not conducive to this type of behavior. Not all dogs (and other pets) are happy about coming to the vet, and it is difficult to understand the reaction of a stressed dog.

Keep your dog on a leash to keep him at your feet, so he doesn’t bother other patients. If the dog is having trouble channeling his energy, ask to wait outside or in an empty room if possible, and the vet will call you when it’s your turn.

Arriving late or not showing up for your appointment

We all have unexpected. A pile of files falling on you at work, traffic jams on the highway, so many reasons that disrupt your schedule. Veterinarians keep an appointment schedule that allows them to take care of each patient and anticipate emergencies. A patient who is late or who doesn’t show up has repercussions on their organization and increases the waiting time for other patients.

If you expect to arrive late to your veterinarian’s office or are unable to come for your scheduled appointment, be sure to call to let them know and discuss options for rescheduling your appointment.

Lying to your veterinarian

Your dog is not able to talk to your veterinarian to explain his symptoms. You are his intermediary. To make the right diagnosis, the veterinarian needs details about the situation and relies on your candor to tell him everything there is to know.

Don’t be ashamed or afraid to admit that you gave your dog that tasty muffin last night; it may be a trigger for his symptoms. Your veterinarian will never judge you for making a mistake; on the contrary, he will give you advice. Also, if the vet prescribes a treatment that you won’t be able to follow (for whatever reason), don’t hesitate to let him know so he can adjust the treatment.

Do not ask questions

Don’t be afraid to ask too many questions. Whether they’re about the exam or about the information you’d like to know to improve your dog’s life, it’s better to ask too many than too few. Your veterinarian is the best person to give you the right answers and teach you the right things to do for the dog’s good health. Take advantage of your visit to ask all the questions that come to mind.

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