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Best Puppy Toys


Play is important for dogs and even more so when they are young. Puppies need to be stimulated by toys that will provide them with significant distraction but also play a role in their learning. The market offers owners a multitude of toys of all types and prices, it’s impossible not to find the right one for your puppy or dog.

Which toy to buy for a puppy? Here is a list of the best puppy toys that are both entertaining and useful for young dogs.

Puppy chew toys

Essential when the puppy is teething but also a way to prevent the puppy from chewing, chew toys are the best games a puppy can be given. Made of hard rubber, chew toys come in a variety of colors and shapes to suit all tastes and sizes of dogs. They are strong enough not to give in under the pressure of the animal’s jaw and allow the puppy to relieve the pain associated with growing teeth and to strengthen their gums. For a puppy that tends to chew everything it finds, this is an ideal toy to provide a distraction other than your slippers or furniture legs.

Chew toys are common and can be found in specialty stores as well as in big-box stores and on the Internet. The price starts at 5$, which makes it very accessible for all budgets. The famous Kong brand even has a range of toys dedicated to puppies.

Cuddly toys or “Doudou” (soft toys)

They remind him of his family and comfort him. Plush toys are very appreciated by puppies… but also by adults! The puppies can sleep with their plush toy that will replace the presence of their siblings but also have fun to lug them around and ask you to throw it to him, so it is a toy with a double function that will be unanimously appreciated.

There is no shortage of stuffed toys! The market offers tons of them, some of them emit squeaks to stimulate the animal, but any plush toy for humans will do the trick as well. Still, care must be taken to ensure that the plush does not contain any dangerous elements such as buttons or other items that could be ingested. In short, your puppy will love having the plush and even if it won’t last long, it’s still a small investment.

Best Puppy Toys

Dispensing toys

If your puppy gets bored while you’re away, give him a treat-dispensing toy. This toy has several functions: to keep the puppy or dog occupied, to stimulate him, and to give him some exercise. Many puppies can’t tolerate solitude and will tend to pass the time by barking or destroying everything they find, and in such cases, all the toys in the world become very uninteresting. But the dispensing toys will attract the interest of the gluttonous young dog who will spend hours extracting the treats or licking the edible paste introduced in the object’s tank.

Be careful though, because overweight dogs can quickly become overweight, if you frequently use this type of toy, then reduce the food ration so that the caloric intake does not exceed the puppy’s needs.

You can find balls, bones, or any other type of dispensing toy anywhere for a price that starts around 5$ up to more than 10$ for the most luxurious brands.

Educational toys or intelligence games

Nothing is more adapted to stimulate a puppy and develop its faculties than a game of intelligence. Also known as puzzle games or educational toys, the goal is for the dog to find out how to access one or more treats hidden by his master in the game. He will have to learn how to lift a lid or trap door, open a drawer, or push an object to retrieve his reward. A real puzzle for dogs! All dogs love this kind of toy and especially puppies who are extremely curious at this age.

You can find dog intelligence games for 10$ up to more than 50$ depending on the brand, the model, or the complexity of the game. A lower investment because even the lowest priced games are enough.

Squeaky balls and toys

The most classic toys will amuse your puppy in no time. One ball is enough, no need to search for complex toys. You will be able to teach him how to fetch, to exercise, and to spend a moment of complicity with your puppy. With a toy that makes noise, you are sure to delight your puppy who will engage in a relentless concert of “pouic pouic” for long hours, sensitive hearing refrain!

There are tons of toys to offer your puppy and whatever their shape, material, or color they will delight any young dog. The trick is to find the one your pet likes the most, so don’t hesitate to try several to see which one elicits the most reaction!

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