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Breeds of sporting dogs


What are the breeds of sporting dogs? Which are the most athletic dogs? Which are the small sporting dogs? Dogs are pets known to be dynamic and energetic. In fact, a dog needs daily physical activity in order to exercise. But some breeds of dogs are full of energy and are very sporty. If you want to adopt a very active dog to practice a sporting activity with your companion, here is our guide to sporting dog breeds.

Dogs and sports activities

The dog is a pet that adapts to your lifestyle. Nevertheless, he needs to exercise every day with a minimum of exercise. As the owner, you must therefore plan a minimum amount of time to walk, play, and run your pet.

The purpose of physical activities for the dog is twofold:

Physical activities allow the animal to run and to stretch his legs. Burning calories by expending energy also limit the risk of canine obesity.

Games help stimulate the animal. In the case of a dog living in an apartment, stimulation is essential to prevent the animal from becoming depressed, for example. Games also encourage better complicity between the owner and the dog.

Therefore, dogs have a real need for sports activities to be fit, healthy, and happy. It should be noted that the minimum daily physical activity varies from one dog breed to another. Not all dogs have the same amount of energy to spare. There are breeds of dogs that are very sporty and other breeds that are less dynamic or calmer.

15 breeds of the most athletic dogs

Many masters practices, physical activity or a canine sport with their animal. If you are considering adopting a puppy and sharing energy activities with it, then you need to compare dog breeds in order to choose a sporty dog. Some dogs love to run, play, and play sports, while other breeds enjoy the quiet of the home more.

To help you find a dog that’s full of vitality, here’s a ranking of the 15 most athletic breeds of dogs:

The Border Collie

The German Shepherd

The German Brake

The greyhound

The Australian Shepherd Dog

The Beagle

The Jack Russell Terrier

The Samoyed

The Siberian Husky

The Hungarian Shorthaired Pointer

The Brittany Spaniel

The Doberman

The Labrador Retriever

The Dalmatian

The Weimar Brake

Breeds of sporting dogs

Among this top 15 of the most sportive dogs, some of them are very well known in dog clubs and dog shows. Dog breeds such as the Border Collie and Jack Russel Terrier are very well represented in sporting disciplines for example. But beware, all these breeds of dogs are very sporty but some are more complicated than others to satisfy from an activity or educational point of view.

You will certainly have noticed in this classification that the most sportive dogs are mainly issued from very active breeds. These are mainly dogs used for work, sheepdogs, or hunting dogs.

Which sport to practice with your dog?

Before practicing a sport with your dog, it is advisable to compare the different possible sports and to choose the activity that best suits you and your pet. In addition to the many advantages of playing sports with your dog, it is possible to choose which sport to do together.

In addition to channeling the animal’s energy, certain sports disciplines for dogs help improve the animal’s education and training. Other sports will improve the dog’s physical abilities or socialization. You should therefore choose to practice a dog sport according to your expectations and the dog’s needs.

To practice a sport with your dog, you just have to ask the canine clubs in your department. These experts will advise you on your dog’s preferred sport.

Practice Agility with your dog.

Practice Ring with your dog.

Practice Canicross with your dog.

Practice Rhythmic Obedience with your dog.

In addition to these comprehensive sports disciplines, you can of course opt for fewer complicated sports. Many owners practice Frisbee or Running with their dogs. Others choose to take their dog along on mountain bike outings, for example. You just have to keep in mind that dogs adapt to the lifestyle and the sport they are offered. Nevertheless, we must always keep in mind that we have to be careful with these animals: good hydration in summer rewards them well.

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