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Can my dog sleep in my room?


Can my dog sleep in my room? Can my dog sleep in my bed? These questions often come up when adopting a dog for the first time. Especially when it’s a puppy. Because he cries, because he does stupid things, the reasons can be numerous. But is it a good idea or not? We will see it right away!

Can my dog sleep in my room? The advantages

Sleep in the same room as the dog? Many people are against it. And yet, it is scientifically proven, it can also be beneficial for both the dog and the owner himself.

Sleeping with a dog in the room promotes good sleep.

That’s right! An American study proved it. People who let their dogs sleep in the same room sleep better. The reason is simple: the presence of the animal gives and reinforces a feeling of security. Consciously or unconsciously, therefore, the owner will be reassured. He will have peace of mind and will sleep more soundly.

Another study has also proven that the simple act of stroking the dog, even before sleeping, triggers the production of oxytocin in our body. Also known as the “happiness hormone”, it helps reduce stress and therefore promotes better sleep.

Letting the dog sleep in the bedroom to strengthen the bonds between the dog and his handler.

Can my dog sleep in my room?

It is important to know that the dog is also a social being. Like us, he needs contact, and like us, the presence of others is reassuring to him. So we are not the only ones who benefit from the presence of our dog in the room. Scientific studies also show the same effects in animals.

It is therefore normal that he does not cry or that he is calmer when you let him sleep in the same room as you. It is not that he is stubborn. It’s just that your presence reassures him, reduces his stress, and helps him sleep better.

Can my dog sleep in my room? Inconveniences and misconceptions

Many people are against having the dog sleep in the room. It is said that this could be detrimental to his education, make him emotionally dependent, make him overprotective, etc. But this is not necessarily true, because, in reality, it all depends on how you raise him.

Sleeping in the same room as the dog: what about authority?

The hierarchical structure is one of the first things you have to instill in the dog. It’s important, from an early age, that he understands where his master belongs and where he belongs. Only then will he be able to accept authority, and show respect, and therefore obedience.

When it comes to place, the bed is one of the most important. It is one of the “places” reserved for the master and to which the dog does not normally have access. When you train him, you teach him not to get on the bed. Even when he sees you getting on the bed, he will still want to do it. But he has to respect that because it allows him to understand who is the master, the dominant one.

Can my dog sleep in my room?

That’s why some people say that sleeping in the same bed as the dog can challenge his understanding of hierarchy. Because by taking the place of the dominant, he may believe that he also has that status. Does this mean that you should not let the dog sleep in your room? No. You can allow him to do so without any problem. But to avoid any confusion regarding authority, do not let him sleep in the same bed as you. He can sleep in the same room as you, but prepare a place for him to sleep: next to the bed or at the foot of the bed. That way, everyone will always have the place they need to be. And you’ll get the most out of that closeness.

Why doesn’t the dog have to sleep in the room? A question of hygiene

As you will have understood, the question of whether or not to let the dog sleep in the room is not necessarily a question of education. Because it all depends on how you raise him. And there are many circumstances and situations that will allow you to teach and enforce the hierarchy to your dog outside the room. It is not access to your room that will make a big difference. Because if you have authority over him, you may even allow him to get on your bed from time to time and forbid him in other circumstances. If he is well educated, he will obey you in all cases.

The choice of whether or not to do so is more a question of hygiene or even health. Because, first of all, the dog is not a model of cleanliness. And when entering your room, or climbing on your bed, he may bring dust, if not worse, mud. His hair can also carry all kinds of germs and allergens. They can cause allergies. So, if you’re allergic, sleeping in the same room as your dog may not be a good idea. And sleeping in the same bed with him is simply not an option.

Finally, note that while sleeping in the same room with a dog improves the quality of sleep, sleeping in the same bed with him can have the opposite effect. Dogs tend to wiggle and fidget at night. So they can keep you awake at night.

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