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Causes and Treatments for Dog Eye Discharge


If you are a dog owner you may have noticed some of the eye goo from time to time. It can be pretty gross but excessive discharge can be a sign that there is a more serious medical issue.

Below is more information about the causes of eye discharge and what can be done to treat it.

Causes Of Eye Discharge In Dogs

Causes and Treatments for Dog Eye Discharge

There can be many things that are leading to the eye goo in dogs. It is often caused by an allergic reaction or some type of irritation. If the dog gets dust in the eye or if the wind is blowing in their face there can be some clear discharge in the eye.

Yellow or green discharge can be something that is irritating the eye. It can be something foreign or it can even be an eyelash that has gotten stuck. The eye produces puss and it comes out in the form of this goo. This can also mean this is an infection. If it does not go away you need to take your dog to the vet to find the cause and treatment.

Conjunctivitis in  Dogs

Causes and Treatments for Dog Eye Discharge

If the dog has mucus or puss coming out of the eye it can be due to conjunctivitis. This is an inflammation in the inner lining of the eye. There can be several causes for this can there can be irritation of the tear ducts, an injury, allergies, or even a birth defect.

The dog may have a dry eye or may have a tumor in this area. Some signs of this include red eyes, crusty eyes, inflammation, and irritation. The dog may paw at its eye or blink often.

The vet may prescribe antibiotics or they may give a saline wash to treat an infection. If there is a problem with the ducts then the dog may need surgery. If the dog has allergies the vet can recommend anti-inflammatory medications.

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