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Causes and Treatments for Dog Eye Discharge


Causes of Eye Goo

Causes and Treatments for Dog Eye Discharge

These conditions are rather common in dogs. Some things may be affecting eye health.

Dogs can get glaucoma which is from too much pressure in the eye. If the eyes are cloudy then medication and surgery are needed.

Dogs that have flat faces such as boxers and bulldogs have shallow eye sockets and they often have eye discharge. They can also have some drainage problems that lead to discharge.

Some other dog breeds such as beagles and Saint Bernard’s often have high issues. Their eyelids roll outward which may require some surgery.

If a dog has serious problems with the eye and discharge they need to speak to the vet. It can be something common like eye irritation or it can be something more serious such as an infection or a tumor that needs treatment.

If you watch your dog closely you can tell if the eye is bothering them. if the dog looks nervous or unhappy then it is time to take a trip to the vet.

Helping Your Dog Deal with Eye Discharge

Causes and Treatments for Dog Eye Discharge

You want your dog to be happy and healthy. While you may not be able to prevent all discharge cases you can help your dog deal with them.

You need to carefully monitor your dog’s eye and make sure the pupils are the same size. The eye should be clear. There should be no tearing and the dog should not be squinting often.

You can gently pull down the lower lid and make sure the coloring is pink and not red or white. If there is discharge you need to call the vet.

Try to keep the dog’s fur out of their eyes. They should be groomed regularly.

When washing your dog be careful with the shampoos you are going to use. Try not to get anything in their eyes.


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