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Christmas Gifts for Dogs


Ho, ho, ho! Christmas is fast approaching and the dogs, too, are eagerly awaiting their Christmas presents under the tree. Because your four-legged friend is part of the closest circle of the family, he will be grateful for any Christmas gift from you: blankets, toys… Dogs offer love and loyalty to their owners on a daily basis. If you also like to give gifts, here, you will find the best ideas for the perfect

Christmas fashion and accessories for dogs

Your dog needs a strong collar or harness so that he can walk easily beside you. If you are looking for a trendy dog Christmas gift, you can’t go wrong with a chic collar + leash set. If you don’t know your dog’s size, measure the length of his back with a tape measure to make sure his Christmas gift fits.

Dog collars, leashes, and harnesses can be elegant accessories for a neat look. Large and small dogs alike need a well-fitting collar and a sturdy leash to go for a walk. A proper harness offers good comfort and safety. Dog leashes, collars, and harnesses are available in different shapes and colors. So there’s something for every dog, no matter what size or taste!

A soft and warm Christmas coat for your dog

Christmas Gifts for Dogs

A Christmas coat is always a good idea for a dog gift because it protects your little companion from the cold. There are Christmas coats for dogs in different colors, materials, and sizes. The most important thing is to cover the belly to protect your dog from snow and frost in cold weather.

A Christmas coat for the winter is a trendy idea for a dog gift to place under the tree. The “Trixie Santa dog coat” is a red hooded Santa Claus coat for dogs, with white edges and a black belt. The material is stretchy, and the coat is easy to put on. A Christmas gift that will not go unnoticed!

Toys and stuffed animals as a Christmas gift for dogs

A cuddly toy is an ideal Christmas gift for dogs that are especially in need of affection. A soft plush will rock your pet’s heart. It will surely even have a place of honor in the basket.

For a dog who loves to walk his cuddly toys, we have the perfect gift for him. The “Trixie Vulture Dog Toy” is a squeaky vulture-shaped toy, hand washable. Filled with wadding and very resistant, your dog will love it!

If your dog’s toys are worn out after his many hours of play, you can fix this at Christmas. Dogs love their toys and usually don’t want to leave them behind. At Christmas, give your dog a toy that brings a little joy into the house, especially during this time when playing outside is not always fun. Your dog will appreciate a toy with built-in squeakers!

Christmas designs soft dog mat.

Christmas Gifts for Dogs

Some dogs find the hustle and bustle of Christmas unpleasant. A comfortable rug as a dog Christmas gift will allow your dog to retreat away from the noise. He will be able to sleep peacefully under the Christmas tree. Very thick and soft, it provides a warm surface on the cold floor, bringing warmth and comfort. Vetbed® dog mats are also hygienic and anti-allergenic. They invite your dog to dream in the heart of the winter atmosphere. A wonderful Christmas gift for your dog!

Dog sports accessories: good resolutions for the new year

Along with toys and fashion accessories, sporty Christmas gifts for dogs are also a great idea.

Once the festive season is over, you can look forward to the beautiful year ahead. Do you want to do more sports? Train with your dog! Give your dog sports accessories that you can try out together. For dog sports, there are many training equipment and accessories available. With a gift for a sporting dog, you and your four-legged friend will get a good start for the New Year.

Is your dog, a sports ace or the king of tricks?

Whether it’s agility, intelligence games, training, or jogging with a partner, good equipment supports training and contributes to sporting success. Good resolutions don’t have to wait until January. Dogs are curious and always ready to learn, so you can start already. Good training accessories will help you reach your goals and stay motivated.

To get your training program off to a good start with your dog, start by giving him a Christmas gift accordingly.

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