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Common Dog Habits And What They May Mean


You may wonder why your dog does certain things such as scratch at the flooring or follow you around. Your dog may eat grass outside even when you purchase expensive dog food. Some of these reasons are linked to evolution and some are linked to your behavior. There are some explanations for the odd behavior our dogs display. This will help you understand some of the behaviors that your dog is showing and why they do these behaviors. We can begin to understand a little why the dogs act in the way that it does.

Sniffing Other Dogs

Common Dog Habits And What They May Mean

Dogs like to sniff each other’s backsides. Some dogs may do this to people. Dogs have the strongest pheromones on their butts. This can tell other dogs all about them just by the smell. They can tell their age, gender, and the type of personality that they have. All of this can be found out with a couple of sniffs. It is normal for dogs, embarrassing for humans. If guests come out and the dog begins to sniff their backside just apologize and move on.

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