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Dog basket: ensuring the right bed for your dog


How to choose a basket for your dog? Which model of bed would suit your dog better: basket, cushion, kennel, plastic bed? Which bed is best for a large dog? Will a cheap dog basket be comfortable enough?

A dog basket is a resting place where, after having spent the whole day, the dog will be able to enjoy a restful sleep. More than just a cozy place to sleep, it is a refuge where the animal will feel comfortable and safe from any disturbance. In fact, the basket is for the dog the place that belongs to him and has a real social value. It is also where the dog will go when his master gives him the order “In your place! »

Therefore, it is important to choose a quality dog basket to ensure that the dog can rest properly. In this article, we tell you everything about the dog basket in order to make the right choice.

Which dog basket to choose from?

Cushion, basket, kennel, carrying case, bassinet… There are so many supports that can be used as a dog bed that the choice is hard. A simple rug can work, but we would prefer to go for something more comfortable, especially for an old dog.

It is essential to choose a bed adapted to the morphology of the animal in order to ensure its well-being but also that it is easily washable to avoid the proliferation of microbes and mites.

The different models

The dog bedding is not what is missing on the market! Of all the shapes, materials, and colors, you will be spoilt for choice. You can choose a model with raised edges or a completely closed model, which will have the advantage of offering the animal a totally privileged space in which it can be confined. However, for large dogs, this model may not be suitable. To help you, here are the different types of dog beds available on the market:

. Carpets: they do not offer exceptional comfort but delimit very well the territory of the animal.

. Cushions: comfortable, they come in all sizes and shapes, it is a model that adapts very well to all breeds, even the most imposing.

. Plastic or wicker baskets: found everywhere, the baskets have the advantage of being able to be decorated with a cushion or a blanket, which makes it easier to wash the bed.

. The raised edge or “niche” cushions: the must in terms of a soft bed. The dog will appreciate having an enclosed area in which to take refuge. However, it is a model with disadvantages: washing is very complicated, and it is not suitable for large dogs.

. The crate can also be used as a basket, however, it should be avoided if your dog associates it negatively to avoid unnecessary stress.

. Fancy sleeping arrangements: there are many baskets with crazy shapes: tepee, tent, or ultra design model, they are real decorative objects that will make your friends jealous! Be careful, however, to make sure that the model suits the animal above all.

Dog basket: ensuring the right bed for your dog
Criteria of choice

But which dog bed to choose among all these models?

The most important criterion will be the size of the dog in order to choose a basket that will make him feel comfortable: neither too small nor too big. The dog must be able to curl up in a ball but also to spread out in it as he wishes. But the basket should not be too big, as the animal might not feel comfortable in it. The ideal is to measure the dog with a margin of 20 or 30 centimeters, so there is no reason to make a mistake! It is advisable to make the basket evolve according to the growth of the puppy: avoid buying a huge mattress for your German Shepherd if it is still a puppy.

For older dogs or those suffering from arthrosis or joint problems, orthopedic beds exist to ensure optimal comfort.

Finally, make sure that the selected model is easily washable. Bed hygiene is very important and dust mites tend to develop quickly. Therefore, choose waterproof materials or a basket whose cover you will change regularly. Otherwise, you will have to wash the basket by hand if it doesn’t fit in the machine. Don’t forget to regularly treat the bed with a flea spray to prevent dust mites.

Where to place the dog basket?

The choice of location is essential. Avoid places where the passage is regular so as not to disturb the dog’s sleep, but do not place it in an empty room, the animal could feel excluded! A corner in a living room or dining room is ideal. If possible, away from a window so that the sun does not hit the basket directly.

Where to buy a dog basket and at what price?

Baskets are really everywhere! The standard models are easily found in any supermarket at a low cost. However, it is better to turn to pet shops in order to have a wider choice and better quality bedding. And for an even larger catalog, the Internet remains the ideal.

The entry-level models cost about fifteen euros, but they are not the most recommended for the comfort of your four-legged friend. The most luxurious models cost up to 100$! Opt for a mid-range basket that will cost between 30 and 50$, but be aware that the larger the size of the dog, the higher the price.

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