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Exercises to do at home with your dog or cat


Exercising with your dog and cat at home is of great interest. First of all, it strengthens the bond between the owner and his companion. We can also take advantage of games to improve the animal’s learning process… and fight against being overweight, which is the source of many health problems. So, what can you do at home to entertain your pet while making yourself useful at the same time?

When the puppy arrives in his new home, his vaccinations haven’t yet given him total immunity against diseases.

However, it is still essential to start taking the puppy outside to continue the socialization work. It will be necessary to choose places that are not frequented by other animals and therefore not soiled.

But learning can already start at home: cleanliness, basic commands (Sit, lie down, not move…), wearing a collar, walking on a leash. Playing makes learning easier.

There are even games on the market to “work” the intelligence of the dog or cat. Success is not guaranteed depending on the animal! For cats, the question does not arise in the same way.

However, it remains essential to clearly set out the prohibitions. If only to prevent him from scratching the wallpaper or the furniture in the living room! Cleanliness training for cats with access to the litter box is generally done quickly and in an almost “natural” way for cats.


Playing is a special moment for both cats and dogs. A moment of complicity and sharing with its master.

It is therefore essential to devote a little time to it every day, which some cat owners tend to do less than dog owners.

For dogs and cats, there are many accessories for playing: balls, mice, and other “figurines” and “pouic-pouic”, a kind of “feather duster” (for cats).

It is advisable to choose toys specially designed for animals, in relation to the size of their jaws to avoid any risk of swallowing a foreign body.

Toys for dogs and cats can benefit from the prevention package contained in certain animal health insurance formulas for their purchase.

The game of hanging a cork or a paper ball on the end of a string may be all that an animal needs to play.

But it is better not to leave these “homemade toys” lying around without the master being present. Anything that is linear (thread, string — including the string used to tie up the kitchen garbage cans — small elastic bands, etc.) should be used to play with.

Can cause intestinal obstruction, a real veterinary emergency, if the animal swallows it. This is all the more serious since we don’t always catch the animal in the act when it does this kind of “stupidity.” Playing with your dog or cat can also consist of playing hide-and-seek games: some animals love it! Left alone, the cat can have a cat tree, a real play and rest area for him, or as the dog, a Pipolino to keep him busy. Small, very resistant conical balls (Kong, for example) also exist in different sizes. Food can be hidden in these balls, which will also keep the cat or dog busy.

There are also commercially available “thinking” games for dogs and cats!

Staying in shape

Playing with your dog is finally essential to stay in shape. Because if it’s good for your morale, it’s also good for your health by fighting overweight and obesity.

Some animals are more predisposed to it than others: greedy, sedentary, house cats, neutered or spayed dogs and cats.

Exercise at home: what to avoid Dogs

Exercise that can damage the bones during growth: this is particularly the case in large dogs. Slips, climbing and descending stairs, sudden jumps, running on uneven ground (for dogs predisposed to back problems, such as the French bulldog, for example).

But they are not made of sugar and that doesn’t mean any exercise or play at all. The trick is to choose the least violent ones.

Also, be careful with the jaws and don’t pull too much on the toy that the dog doesn’t want to “drop.” Find another trick to make him drop it!

Cat and dog:

– To finish on a failure when learning an order: this is valid for all kinds of exercises, indoors and outdoors.

– Saturate the animal, lose patience. Better exercises and short games, rewards, and congratulations.

– Get the nerves up! There’s no need to overexert your pet because some take longer than others to regain their calm.

– Wake him up at all costs while he is sleeping or has chosen to calm down.

– Let him sleep when he feels like resting.

– Have recourse to treats systematically: do not give bad habits!

– Let him beg at the table: it’s not a game!

– Beware of accessories diffusing a laser beam, which many cats love. If there are some that are not dangerous, it is not the case for all of them.

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