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Falling ears in dogs how to straighten your shepherd’s ears


Some dog breeds have straight ears and are born with drooping ears, this is the case of the German Shepherd, the Bulldog, the Husky, the Chihuahua, or the Malinois. It is only when they grow up that the ears of these dogs naturally straighten up. But sometimes the puppy’s ears do not straighten up by themselves and remain drooping.

What can I do to straighten the ears of my German Shepherd? My dog’s ears do not straighten up, what can I do? How can I repair my dog’s drooping ears? At what age will my puppy’s ears straighten?

At what age will my dog’s ears straighten?

A dog with straight ears will see his ears straighten from the age of 2 months to 6 months. They may not straighten at the same time or sometimes fall back to straighten again sometime later. For some puppies, the straightening of their ears may come a little late and sometimes up to about 10 months of age. Until that age, there is no need to worry if your puppy’s ears are still fragile, however, if they still fall off, it can be a problem.

Why won’t my puppy’s ears straighten?

It is normal to wonder why the ears of your German Shepherd puppy or any other breed with straight ears do not straighten. Here are different reasons to explain this:

The ears are too heavy: This happens especially for dogs with large ears, such as German Shepherds. Their size makes them heavy and prevents them from standing up on their own, especially in the case of a long-haired puppy, because it makes them heavier.

The ears have been weakened: While playing, the puppy may have bumped and weakened the cartilage in his ears, which interferes with their straightening. This can also happen if you touch his ears too much to pet him, for example.

The puppy has been weakened: If the puppy has experienced a weakening disease, he may have difficulty regaining tone and the recovery of his ears is delayed.

A genetic problem: A purebred dog will not have any problems with the straightening of his ears, but a crossbred dog (especially with a breed with floppy ears) may have trouble seeing them straighten. Sometimes it can also be a flaw in the genetics of a purebred dog, and nothing can be done about it.

Late straightening: As we explained earlier, some dogs do not see their ears straighten until they are 10 months old. One must be patient.

How do I straighten my dog’s ears?

Supplementing your dog with calcium to fortify his bones and push his ears to straighten up is a bad idea. Ears are made of cartilage, and a calcium intake will be of no use, and may even lead to a calcium overdose. You should also be aware that it’s best to avoid touching your puppy’s ears until he’s 6 months old, as this could weaken them further and prevent natural straightening.

The first thing is to make sure that your puppy gets a good diet. This includes quality dog food that is high in protein.

There are methods to force the ears to straighten; they are practiced by some breeders and veterinarians, but many avoid using these methods which they find barbaric. This will involve putting stakes or even cotton or a bandage to keep the puppy’s ears straight until the end of his growth. A veterinarian may offer to straighten the ears with the bandage method in case the puppy’s ears are too big and heavy, but be aware that if your dog keeps drooping ears it has no consequence on his well-being if you do not intend to do beauty contests with him.

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