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Hemp oil for dogs benefits, dosages, opinions


Hemp oil for dogs? Yes! The benefits of hemp on human beings are no longer a secret for anyone. But did you know that this marijuana plant could also be beneficial for your pet? Find out everything you need to know about hemp oil for dogs.

The benefits of hemp oil for dogs

Hemp oil is considered a super healthy food supplement to this day. And it is recommended to give it to the dog, not only to restore vitality but also to preserve his health.

Hemp oil to replenish nutrients

It is difficult to find a truly complete food for the dog. Hemp oil is an excellent product because it alone contains all the nutrients your pet needs: vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Thanks to this, hemp oil allows :

Fight against fatigue

To promote digestion

Hemp oil for a smarter dog

Giving the dog his daily intake of essential fatty acids is not easy. In addition to the fact that we rarely have the time to prepare a balanced meal for him, the foods available on the market do not contain enough essential fatty acids to meet the animal’s needs in this area. The result: most of the time, the dog suffers from a deficiency in essential fatty acids.

Here again, hemp oil offers an easy and handy solution. This plant is particularly rich in essential fatty acids. This, combined with its ability to promote blood circulation, boosts brain function.

Hemp oil for good health in general

Rich in omega 3 and omega 6, hemp oil boosts the immune system and looks after your dog’s health in general. It has proven to be effective in preventing, relieving, and treating :


Skin diseases (eczema, itching, pimples, rashes …)

Pain and joint diseases including arthritis.

Heart disease

Visual disorders

Venereal and urinary diseases

Hemp oil is also known for its ability to promote cell regeneration. It is thus used to moisturize and protect the dog’s skin, but also to prevent hair loss. Regular consumption of hemp-based food supplements will give your pet a moisturized and shiny coat.

Hemp oil for dogs: dosage

Hemp oil for dogs is often offered on the market as a food supplement. The dosage will therefore depend on the official distributor, but will also take into account your pet’s size and weight.

Recommended dosage

As a general rule, it is recommended to give the dog a tablespoon of hemp oil every day or every other day. But to be sure, it is strongly advised to seek the advice of a veterinarian. Only he will be able to prescribe the right dosage according to the state of health of your dog, his size, and his needs.

Method and route of administration

Hemp oil for dogs must be administered orally. The best way to give it to your canine companion is to mix it with his food. Preferably, add the drops to a small ratio. You will be sure that your doggie will have eaten everything.

Hemp oil for dogs: to give or not to give?

You should know first of all that the benefits of hemp oil are recognized in human medicine. It is mainly used to relieve and treat eczema. And so far, no noticeable side effects have been reported.

Hemp oil is a 100% natural dietary supplement. So there is no risk for your dog if you give it to him. And this, as long as you respect the recommended dosages. If omega-3 and omega-6 are indeed essential to the good functioning of the organism, too much can also be harmful to him. As long as you respect the dosage indicated accordingly, your dog will only get better.

Hemp oil is especially recommended for pets suffering from allergies or eczema. In the opinion of those who have tried it, hemp oil can cure them in a few weeks or even days.

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