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How often and how should I wash my dog?


Hygiene for domestic dogs is very important, especially when they are squatting on our sofas or even the bed. However, grooming a dog should not be done just anyhow and should not be as frequent as it is for us humans.

How do you know if your dog is dirty? How often should I wash my dog? When to groom your dog? How to wash your dog properly? All your questions about dog grooming are answered in this article.

How do I know my dog is dirty?

Before you think about washing your dog, you need to ask yourself if he really needs it. A bath that is too regular can damage his skin or alter the protective effect of his fur. Some breeds of dogs do not need to be washed often because they have a layer of hair that protects them from cold or heat and if they are washed too much, they may no longer perform this function.

It is not necessary to wash a dog after every walk in the mountains or in the countryside. But sometimes it may be necessary, if your dog has rolled in the mud or sand, a bath is necessary to get rid of the dirt.

Except in these exceptional cases, a dog should only be washed when it is really dirty. This manifests itself by a changing smell that becomes difficult to bear, the appearance of his hair is also a factor to take into account. Hairs that have lost their shine, have a dirty touch, and have a distinct accumulation of dust are hairs that need to be washed. On short-haired dogs, you will notice a cloud of dust coming from their coat when you shake them a little.

In short, you will easily notice when your dog starts to get really dirty and needs a bath.

How often to wash your dog

To maintain good hygiene without damaging your dog’s skin, it is recommended that the baths should be spaced at least 4 to 12 weeks apart depending on the type of hair. For a short-haired dog, we can have a washing frequency of once every 8 to 12 weeks while a long-haired dog or a dog with a sensitive coat (white, fluffy, with a tendency to tangles, etc.), we recommend washing every 4 to 6 weeks. In reality, there is no specific rule as to how often your dog should be washed, other than to shampoo as far apart as possible.

It is the responsibility of each owner to care for their dog’s coat on a regular basis by brushing it to remove dead hair, remove dirt and detangle long hairs. Brushing your dog’s coat should become a habit in order to preserve its coat and to be able to wash it more often, as it allows it to stay clean longer. There are different brushes available for deep and optimal grooming.

Of course, in some cases, it is recommended to wash your dog more frequently: parasitic infection, skin disease, etc… In such cases, the veterinarian will prescribe a suitable product and will give recommendations to be followed only during the treatment period before returning to the usual frequency.

How often and how should I wash my dog?

How to wash your dog properly

Washing your dog is often a tedious task if the animal is not used to it at that time, that’s why he must be taught to stay calm from an early age so that grooming doesn’t become a chore. For a wise and accustomed dog, one person is sufficient, but in the case of a restless and struggling dog, we recommend that two people wash him so that one person holds him and another one washes him.

Knowing the right gestures is important because a well-washed dog is a dog that will stay clean longer! Here’s how to wash your dog properly:

Before getting the dog wet, first, brush it to remove as much dead hair and dirt as possible.

Then, you can wet it at room temperature or warm water depending on the season and the sensitivity of the animal. Some dogs have an impermeable coat and water will have a tendency to slip off without touching the skin, so do not hesitate to insist on each area by turning the hair back so that the whole body, except the head and ears, is wet.

You can move on to the application of an adapted and soft shampoo, the quantity of which will depend on the coat and the size of the dog. It is necessary to insist on all the zones by making circular movements. Do not hesitate to rewet the dog if his coat is already starting to dry and makes shampooing difficult.

Rinse the dog, not forgetting the limbs, the tail, and the underside of the body, while continuing the circular movements and to turn back the coat to help the removal of dirt.

The shampoo is applied a second time by making it foam and leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes.

One passes to a second rinsing in-depth to remove all traces of product, it is necessary to insist well on all the zones so that there is no more foam.

Finally, dry the animal with a clean, dry towel and brush it off if it has medium or long hair.

When all the steps are done and the dog has been wrung out as much as possible, he can be left to go about his business. You can also apply a spray to moisturize the hair. Don’t forget a small treat to congratulate him.

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