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How to choose a coat for your dog


Far from being a ridiculous fashion accessory, the dog coat is an indispensable accessory for certain breeds that are more vulnerable than others during the winter season. Fragile health, fine hair, or even lack of coat or old age are all reasons why a dog can suffer from the cold and bad weather and justify wearing a coat.

Why put a coat on your dog? How to choose the best coat for your dog? What is the price of dog coats? Everything you need to know before buying a coat to protect your dog from the cold.

Dog coat: why, what purpose, and which dogs are concerned?

The use of a coat for your dog is necessary when your dog suffers from harsh weather conditions. Not all dogs have the same sensitivity to the cold, and some are more fragile. The coat is an essential accessory to protect them from the wind, rain, or snow.

Several factors determine whether a dog needs a coat or not:

His age: as dogs get older, they become more fragile to cold and humidity.

His state of health: sick or recovering dogs have a weaker immune system and may need a coat at certain times. The same is true for dogs that suffer from skin diseases and for whom cold or humidity can be difficult to bear.

Its morphology: breeds such as Greyhounds that have a very thin physique are more sensitive to low temperatures.

Coat: Some breeds have a thin undercoat or no undercoat at all, while other breeds have no coat at all. These dogs are generally more sensitive to the cold compared to dogs with a full coat.

If the main function of the dog coat is to protect the dog from the weather, there are also stress coats for dogs. Little known, their function is to exert pressure on the animal’s body, especially on the torso, in order to soothe it. An accessory that can help even the most anxious dogs.

How to choose the best dog coat?

The choice of a dog coat should not be made at random. Not all models are the same and some have more of an aesthetic function than a practical one. When buying a coat for Medar, it is important to make sure that it meets a few criteria:

The coat must be impervious to wind and rain. It must not only be a protective layer but also ensure that cold and humidity does not stick to the animal’s body. For this, a padded coat with a good lining that does not retain moisture is preferable.

The coat must allow the dog’s skin to breathe. Indeed, the lack of ventilation is conducive to the development of irritations, skin diseases, and parasites due to perspiration that cannot be evacuated.

The coat must also cover the dog’s belly. Some models are more capes than coats and only protect the dog’s back while the belly is a very vulnerable area.

Finally, the coat must be adjusted to the dog’s size and morphology so as not to impede his movements and be effective.

How to choose the size of a dog coat?

An essential point when buying a coat for your dog: the size. To know which size of the coat to choose for your dog, it is advisable to take its dimensions.

Using a tape measure or sewing tape, measure the back of the coat from the neck (where the collar is) to the base of the tail. Then, we will take the circumference of his chest at the widest point.

In general, most coats come in sizes XS, S, M, L, or XL which correspond to the dog’s size. However, some dogs may fit tightly in one size and float in the one above, so it’s best to rely on the dimensions on the label or on the figured sizes.

For example, a dog with a back length of 40 will have to wear a size T40.

Where can I buy a coat for my dog and at what price?

It’s easy to find dog coats in pet stores or online. The advantage of being able to go to the store is that you have the opportunity to examine the garment in detail to ensure its quality. But the Internet offers a much wider selection of dog coats.

Today, there are many brands that make dog coats of all sizes and shapes. The prices are therefore very variable, from 15€ to up to 100€ for the most luxurious coats and jackets.

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