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How to choose the right bowl for your dog?


Did you know that? It is necessary and even highly recommended to choose your dog’s bowl carefully. Why should you choose the right bowl? It is true that we give very little importance to the types and models of the bowl we choose for our pets. As long as it is deep enough to hold his food or water, we are delighted.

And yet, according to canine specialists, taking the first bowl you come across is not recommended. There is indeed a multitude of them on the market, of all brands, but especially, of all materials. If you’re not careful, you could choose a bowl that is not adapted to your dog’s needs and health. Not to mention that animals may have certain preferences, especially when it comes to the material used.

Therefore, when choosing the right bowl for your dog, you should consider the following criteria: material, size, and shape.

How to choose the right bowl for your dog: which material?

How to choose the right bowl for your dog?

The first criterion to take into account when looking for a bowl is the material in which it is made. On the market, you can choose between plastic, stainless steel, and ceramic bowls. The material is not so innocuous because it can give a taste to water or food. And remember, dogs have much more developed senses than we do. Therefore, your dog may refuse to eat or drink depending on the material it is made of.

Plastic bowls

Plastic bowls are the cheapest on the market. They are available in various patterns and colors and offer a wide choice in terms of design. They are also very light and easy to maintain. But beware, they don’t just offer advantages.

Plastic bowls are the most fragile. They do not last very long because they can break if they fall. Not to mention the fact that your dog may start chewing on it.

If your dog has a contact allergy, plastic bowls are not recommended either. Besides the fact that they retain a lot of odor, they may also contain toxic materials. This means that the contents of the bowl, whether food or water can be adulterated.

Stainless steel bowls

If you’re looking for a sturdy and easy-to-maintain bowl, opt for metal bowls. They are the strongest on the market, and the only thing you can blame it for is the fact that it becomes dull over time. It won’t break if it falls over.

But its greatest asset is the fact that it is free of any toxic materials. This makes it the ideal bowl if your dog suffers from contact allergies, because not only does it not retain odors, but it also doesn’t distort its contents.

The only possible disadvantage is the noise it makes if your dog decides to play with the bowl. Nevertheless, veterinarians and canine specialists usually recommend metal bowls for puppies and dogs.

Ceramic bowls

Ceramic bowls are an excellent compromise between stainless steel and plastic bowls. They are also available in several colors and offer the advantage of being heavy. This means that your dog will not be pushed when he eats.

Ceramic bowls are also robust. They are thicker, and although they can break, your dog will not be able to bite or nick them. They are also ideal for pets with contact allergies. They don’t change the taste of the food, nor do they alter the nature of the food.

Choosing the right bowl for your dog: what size?

How to choose the right bowl for your dog?

It is important that the size of the bowl is compatible with the size of your dog. The animal’s size determines the amount of food and water it consumes.

Therefore, if your dog is small, it is better to opt for a small bowl, and preferably a low bowl. If your dog is large, consider a wide, high bowl. However, don’t rely on the size of your puppy. To avoid having to buy one when he grows up, choose the bowl according to his size once he’s an adult.

As a general rule, for an adult dog of less than 30 cm in height, opt for a 10 cm bowl. For an adult dog of 40 cm in height, choose a 20 cm bowl. For an adult dog over 40 cm choose a 30 cm bowl. And for an adult dog of more than 50 cm, choose a 40 cm bowl.

The other criteria to choose the right dog bowl for your dog

How to choose the right bowl for your dog?

To make the right choice, you must also take into account the animal’s own needs and personality. Each dog has its own personality and may have particularities that make its needs specific.

Take for example a dog with long, floppy ears. You will not be able to feed him from a wide, low bowl. Because his ears will fall into the dish. In order for him to be able to eat properly, he needs a medium-sized, pyramid-shaped bowl. Thus, its long ears will remain outside the support.

Also, if you have a particularly turbulent dog that spills water and food everywhere when eating, it is better to choose a model with a non-slip surface. And if you have a gluttonous dog, to allow him to eat healthily and gently, you can opt for the anti-glutton bowls. There are all kinds of them on the market.

In short, choosing the right bowl for your puppy or dog is not that simple. It has to be perfectly adapted to your pet, both for its eating habits and for its personal requirements. Moreover, animals tend to play with their bowl. It is therefore advisable to select a solid reference so that you don’t have to change it after each meal.

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