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how to Introduce your new puppy to your entourage


Your puppy will have to find his place within his new home. It is important to give him a little bit of freedom and not to suffocate him with too much affection.

Establish a small daily routine as quickly as possible and be patient, he will need time before to understand you and respond to your voice.


Meetings between your puppy and a baby must always be done under supervision. At the beginning, keep a distance between them, Then reduce this distance gradually. Never leave your dog alone with a baby!


Most children go naturally want to play with the newcomer in the family. At these times, it is important to respect the 4 following rules:

1. Supervise the first Meetings.

2. Limit the playing time (Max 20 min.) and 3 times a day).

3. Prohibit brutal behavior (pulling the tail, shouting).

4. Explain to the children that we don’t hit a dog, because it will not only make your dog fearful but.

later, it could turn around against the child and bite it! Introduce your puppy to children gradually

and smoothly. Have the children and let your puppy come to them.

“Get your dog used to the smell of your baby before they met. Make him/her feel a clothing or a

blanket for your baby before putting them in presence.”

The strangers

Meetings with people outside the home of his usual entourage is a part important in the development of your puppy and primary socialization. If he is only in contact with his environment

close family, he or she may not be able to be at home. comfortable when faced with new challenges


Ask your visitors to crouch down and let your puppy come to them.

Don’t let him jump on them because this bad habit will turn out to be very troublesome when your puppy becomes large. If this habit has already established itself, ask your veterinarian or

a dressage professional to stop this habit through training methods positive.

Other domestic animals

If you already own another dog, the latter might be reluctant to share his home with a newcomer.

Follow our 5 tips below for you ensure that this meeting goes well:

1. Choose neutral ground that your dog does not consider as his territory for their first Meetings.

2. Depending on the temperament of the dogs, it is generally better to let the 2 dogs play directly

together, without a leash. However, if you feel it is necessary For everyone’s safety, keep the 2 dogs.

on a leash.

3. Intervene as little as possible and only if you feel there is a danger potential for one of the 2 dogs or people. In this case, prefer the use of an indirect penalty (sudden noise, water jet) rather than the

physical punishment that can not only put you in danger, but also hinder the relationship between you and dogs.

4. Do not leave them unattended until you are certain that they both get along.

5. Each animal must have its own space and get your attention. If you own a cat or any other domestic animal, do not let your dog run and bark at them. If in spite of these few tips, you continue to have difficulty with certain behaviors, do not hesitate to talk to your veterinarian or a professional

dressage. It is better to take it early, you will have a better chance of transforming These undesirable behaviors.

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