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My dog eats too fast why and what to do?


As soon as his bowl is put on the ground, your dog swallows his meal without taking the time to chew? Gluttonous dogs are more prone to digestive problems, unfortunately, this is a problem that many dog owners encounter and don’t know how to remedy.

Why does my dog eat too quickly? My dog is a glutton, what can I do? How can I slow down a dog that eats fast? Discover our tips and advice to understand this behavior.

Why does my dog eat his meal?

There are several reasons why a dog eats his bowl quickly. But first of all, it is important to know that a dog that eats fast is not necessarily a problem. Most dogs swallow their bowl in a little less than 5 minutes, so there is nothing to worry about. However, if Medor swallows his bowl in just a few seconds, you may start to wonder.

In all cases, there are many reasons, here are the main ones:

Your dog is afraid someone will steal his meal. This is a common behavior among dogs from large litters who have been used to eating quickly to prevent siblings from stealing their food.

Your dog has been deprived of meals in the past. Dogs that have been abused are still suffering from the aftermath of this painful past, so eating fast is a consequence of food deprivation. By throwing himself on his bowl, he makes sure that he eats his fill  without being deprived.

Your dog does not eat enough, or his food is not rich enough. It is possible that the quantity given is not enough or that his kibble is of poor quality and creates a feeling of hunger, which explains why he swallows his bowl very quickly.

Dogs that eat fast: the consequences and risks of their health

A dog that eats fast exposes itself to various digestive problems. First of all, don’t worry if your dog doesn’t chew his kibble as this is not a problem, his digestive system doesn’t necessarily need chewed food for proper digestion.

But swallowing his meal quickly can cause bloating due to the air ingested in the rush and make the dog wobbly for a little while or even make him vomit. This is a benign situation more uncomfortable than anything else, but eating quickly can promote a much more serious syndrome: stomach torsion.

Stomach Dilatation-Twisting Syndrome is caused by a number of factors, including eating your food fast. It is characterized by a dilation of the stomach that is noticeable by a swollen belly and can cause the stomach to twist and turn over completely. The twist obstructs the entrance to the esophagus and the exit to the intestine, so the food remains stuck in the stomach.

Stomach Dilatation-Twisting Syndrome is a veterinary emergency and surgery must be performed very quickly to avoid life-threatening consequences for the dog. If your dog attempts to vomit unsuccessfully after a quickly swallowed meal and his stomach appear swollen, he should be seen without further delay.

Slowing down a dog that eats quickly

In order to avoid SDTS, it is important to slow down a dog that eats too fast. There are several solutions to this problem and first of all, the reason for his gluttony must be identified.

Start by first making sure your dog is eating enough by consulting a veterinarian who will analyze the quality of his meals. If it’s a question of unsuitable food, he’ll refer you to kibbles that are appropriate for your dog’s breed, weight, and activity. Otherwise, the problem of excessive hunger will be identified.

If the dog is afraid of being eaten, you will have to review the location of his bowl and even the feeding times. To reassure your dog, it is best to feed him in a quiet place, without traffic, and leaving him alone.

If your dog continues to gulp down his meals at breakneck speed, offer him a fast food dog bowl, also known as an “anti-slug bowl”. These are bowls with obstacles in the hollow part that prevent the dog from taking large bites but force him to take his time to catch his kibble. Some of them have integrated pimples, and others have different reliefs, in short, there are many models.

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