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Sports activities to practice with your dog


We can never repeat it enough, sport is healthy. And this saying also applies to our dog friends. Regardless of their breed, dogs need to exercise to stay in shape. What could be better than to practice a sporting activity with your dog? It’s a great way to bond and bond with your dog while getting some exercise!

How to do sports with your dog? What sports can I do with my dog? There are many sports that an owner can practice with his dog. You will surely find the one that suits you best after reading this article!


It is the one that comes immediately to mind when we talk about dog sports, agility is a popular and very sportive activity for the dog. This sport consists of performing an obstacle course in a regulated time and allows us to develop great complicity with the master. There are several categories as well as more or fewer complex courses adapted to the different sizes of dogs. Agility is therefore a sport adapted for all dogs, whether miniature or giant. The only prerequisite is to have good communication and listening skills.

The Cani rando

Increasingly popular and also very accessible, the Cani rando, or canine trekking, continues to seduce hikers who own dogs. What could be better than combining his passion for hiking, nature, and his love for his beloved dog? When you have a dog full of energy at home, this is the ideal activity. Canine trekking can be practiced with all breeds of dogs as long as you adapt the itinerary to your animal’s abilities.

This activity can be practiced alone, with friends, family, or even with a canine-hiking club. This does it a very accessible sport for both experienced and beginners, who everyone can practice “out of the competition.” Cani rando is an alternative way to educate your dog and make him obedient.

The canicross

Canicross is a sport that is practiced by two people, in cooperation between the master and his dog in a harness. This sport is practiced both under license in clubs and as a private individual. The two participants, the dog, and the master must complete a course together and find the right harmony to complete the event without any problems. It is therefore a sport that allows you to create complicity and understanding with your dog.

This activity is not necessarily practiced in a club for competitive purposes. It can be a fun activity for any individual wishing to practice a sport with his dog. It is often associated with Cani rando where the owner can benefit from the help of his dog.

Mountain biking

The bikejor is a sport that joins the Cani rando and the canicross. The principle is the same as the latter but on a bike! This activity can be practiced in two different ways: either with the dog attached to the side of the bike, where we will be more in a walking perspective or at the front of the bike where the dog will be in a position to pull the machine. In this second case, it is necessary to have a dog already well trained and obedient to canicross because an accident can happen quickly if it is distracted by a cat at the end of the street or by the freedom given by the fact of towing.

However, this activity is not suitable for small dogs, who cannot be “leaders” or able to keep up with the pace. It is therefore a sport for medium and large dogs that like to run.

Rhythmic obedience

Rhythmic obedience, or rhythmic obedience, is a canine sport whose goal is to perform choreography with his animal on a musical background. The steps and gestures of the dog and the handler must be in tune and in rhythm in order to present a harmonious dance. Rhythmic obedience is a playful way to have fun with your dog while training him.

This very popular activity in Great Britain has been officially recognized as a dog sport and competitions are frequently organized.


Everyone has played Frisbee with their dog at least once. This activity can be practiced anywhere and with any dog: on a walk, at the beach, in the garden, small dog, big dog… This sport is also the subject of serious competitions where the dog has to bring back the frisbee in different ways in order to win points, it can be a simple round trip, making a circle with the object, performing different figures, or going to fetch the frisbee over long distances.

The hitch

Driving is a canine sport in which the dog pulls a sled for pleasure, for professional purposes, or in competition. In summer or winter under the snow, this sport is suitable for large dogs, especially Siberian Huskies or Malamutes who are proven sled dogs.

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