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The checklist to welcome a puppy at home


Welcoming a puppy into your home involves many changes and modifications. Long before the arrival of your new companion, you must be sure that you can offer him a home where he will be safe and secure. The first thing to do is to get rid of anything that could represent a danger for him.

After that, you also need to make a few adjustments so that he can feel at home. And you’ll need some of the equipment and accessories that you’ll need on a daily basis to feed him, put him to bed, walk him, etc.

Discover the checklist of what you need to do to welcome a dog in your home.

Checklist for welcoming a puppy into your home: safety measures

If you want to adopt a dog or a puppy for that matter, the first thing you need to do is to provide a safe and healthy environment. You must therefore start by identifying anything that could be potentially dangerous in your home. Take a tour of your property and ask yourself what the little puppy might eat, swallow, break, touch, etc.

Precautions to take inside the house

The inside of your home can be a real danger for a puppy. If he starts to eat the contents of your garbage can, for example, he may suffer from food poisoning. If he starts chewing on electrical wires, he may be electrocuted. If he starts to eat your houseplants, or your cosmetics, he may be poisoned, etc…

To protect them, therefore, take the necessary measures well before they arrive. Start by putting out of his reach everything he might eat:

Trash cans

Cosmetic products

Bath products (soaps, shower gel, etc.)


Indoor plants

Washing products (soap, dishwashing liquid, etc.)

Also, remember to protect it from all electrical sources.

Never leave your electrical wires lying around.

Take the time to sheathe electrical wires that you cannot hide.

Make sure that the puppy never has access to your electrical outlets.

Precautions to take outside the house

The outside of your home can be just as dangerous. If you have a pool, for example, your puppy could fall into it. Likewise, if your fence is not properly secured, he may get out and get lost.

To avoid this, take the time to secure your pool before your small pet arrives. Even if he can swim. Also, check that there are no holes in your fence that your pet could use to sneak in. If there is, make sure it is repaired.

The checklist to welcome a puppy at home

Checklist for welcoming a puppy into your home: equipment to buy

That’s right! A puppy is quite a responsibility, and although small, it has considerable needs. So here’s a list of everything you’ll need if you want to welcome a puppy into your home.

What you need at home when you have a puppy

At home, you need to get some basic accessories, that is to say, everything your puppy will need for feeding, sleeping, and playing. Think about getting the following items:

A bowl for food

A bowl for water

A bed where he can sleep

A puppy park where you can keep your puppy.

A brush for its bristles

Toys for puppies

A tick hook

Don’t forget to buy her food and treats.

What you need for outings with a puppy

You will not be able to go out with your puppy empty-handed. Whether it’s for a drive, a trip, or a short walk in the park, you’ll need specific accessories that will help you control him.

Before you welcome a puppy into your home accordingly, consider getting:

A collar

A leash

An anti-traction harness

A bag of excrement

For traveling, also think about buying a transportation crate.

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