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Weigh carefully every day the necessary quantity of kibbles.


Carefully weigh the necessary amount of kibble daily. in our final score, even though this criterion is included in our table. Note when even if your dog has difficulty tasting the food. It’s croquettes, better to try to give him smaller ones.

Don’t keep them too long

Dog kibbles are often sold in large quantity bags but, before buying them, it is better to calculate first of all how many kilos your dog has needs per month. The table below shows you show how to proceed. You will find always an indication on the packaging himself.

If for example, your dog does not have Only 4 kilos of kibbles are needed per month, there is no sense in buying an 8-kilo bag. Indeed, it is better not to keep a bag of dog food for more than one month after opening it. One time open, the aroma, texture, and taste of the food may spoil over time, and mold can start to appear (without, more often than not, they appear in are visible to the naked eye). Especially since the dog food is often kept in a damp place, such as in the garage or under the sink.

The buffet or one bowl a day?

After choosing the croquettes that are suitable for your dog, still remains to determine how many times a day give him these foods. There are different methods to feed your pet favorite, one of which is much better than the others.

 Many opt for the buffet: we fill up the bowl in the morning, and we let the dog eat as long as he has some. desire. It is a facility for the master, but – unlike cats – it is unfortunately not the best option for dogs. It is less easy to monitor the condition of the animal; one does not notice that he starts eating less. In addition, this method can promote obesity. Some breeds in particular, such as Labradors and beagles do not have any instinctive brake, and will continue to eat until they have emptied their bowl, even though it contains much more than is good for them.

Other masters feed their animals at one or two particular times. For example, at the time of their own meals. But neither is the system ideal. As the dog has only a few moments to swallow his croquettes, he may eat too much in one sitting time. On the other hand, if a dog is not very in appetite one day, these two moments will not be sufficient to absorb the nutrients necessary.

The best option is a combination of the two systems: a bowl available all day, but with a determined quantity of croquettes. The calculation formula in the frame opposite helps you to determine the ration of your dog’s daily life.

If you feed kibble to your dog, always provide a bowl of water. Indeed, the kibbles have a low percentage of humidity. But unlike. to what is sometimes asserted, it is not any need to soak the kibbles in water to soften them. For your dog, it is better to eat them and chew them even a little, and to drink enough water.

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