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What Activities You Should Do With Your Dog


There is nothing better than to practice a sporting activity with your dog. Behavior balanced, physical activity, special time complicity, the advantages are numerous for the owner as for the animal.


Agility is a sport and a game that your dog can play with, you’ll love it. It meets your insatiable need to expend its overflowing energy. This discipline is of real interest for the education of your dog because it allows him to get closer to you while having fun.

Purely playful, agility is for everyone. Breeds and sizes of dogs. Nevertheless, there are certain exercises that are not recommended as much that the dog’s growth is not over. The goal of the game is to lead your dog, without collar or leash, along a course of the most diverse obstacles.

It is an excellent how to check how your dog is doing Obey when you ask him to jump, lying down, or sneaking in, etc. To get started, an educator will help you to familiarize yourself with the various exercises of the course: obstacle jumping, hurdles, the descent of a palisade, long jump, slalom, flip, jump through a tire…Good reflexes are acquired from the very beginning of lessons.

The exercises practiced do not require any intense physical effort. Endurance and flexibility are required. More than 400 clubs in the Canine Central Society teaches agility and organizes many competitions each year. Find out more!

The ob-rhythmic

The principle is simple: the dog and the master perform a rhythmic choreography of small jumps and tricks more or less difficult according to the tempo of the music. This activity is open to all types of dogs, small and large. larger. A perfect understanding of the couple’s dog handler is essential for this to happen.


What Activities  You Should Do With Your Dog

Simple to set up and inexpensive, this sports activity does not require any aptitude or special equipment. Just bring your dog with you when you decide to run a few kilometers. It’s even more pleasant if this jogging takes place in the forest. This activity is ideal for animals with a tendency to overweight.

The fly-ball

It is a physical activity, combining play and sport, which is practiced in the canine club. The dog realizes a rectilinear course composed of a series of hedges at the end of which is positioned a box with a pedal to be pressed, triggering the ejection of a bullet that he then ejects.

Must be caught on the fly and brought back to its master in making the trip in the opposite direction.

The hitch

Based on ancient utilitarian practices, this activity allows highlighting the major powerful and massive breeds that have not the opportunity to distinguish oneself in other disciplines

sports mainly based on velocity or that their morphology prohibits. The dog is harnessed to a four or two-wheeled cart, guided by the driver walking beside him. It can thus carry a load not exceeding its weight.

The Frisbee

It is a very simple and well-known activity that consists of throwing an object and making it return it to his dog. If official discipline uses a frisbee, in everyday playful practice a ball or any other suitable toy will do the trick!


Some breeds of dogs have been selected for hunting. Thus the retrievers, both of which are the most famous ambassadors are the labrador or the golden retriever, are hunting dogs intended to be used for to the game, often waterfowl.

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