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what should you do if your dog gets up on the table?


When they are still young dogs are the kings of stupidity, getting up on the table or furniture is one of the forbidden things they tend to do. A poorly educated dog that has developed bad habits throughout its life can also show this kind of behavior. Don’t hesitate to be firm with your dog, or he will always continue to do stupid things!

What should I do when my dog gets up on the table? How can I prevent my dog from getting on the table and furniture? Here are our solutions to teach your dog not to climb on your furniture.

Why does my dog get on the table or furniture in the house?

When a dog is still in the childhood stage, he is very curious and will be attracted to anything and everything. All it takes is a little bit of food left on the table for him to quickly find his way to it! The same goes for your furniture, a dish left on the counter or your hamster’s cage on the chest of drawers and your dog will try the impossible to get his snout on it. It is advisable to punish your dog as often as this happens so that he understands that he has no right to do this and that it does not become a habit. If this behavior is not reprimanded from the dog’s childhood, it will continue for the rest of his life and it will be more difficult to stop it.

Lack of attention can also be one of the reasons why your dog gets up on the table, especially if it is a small breed! Climbing up on the table or any other piece of furniture will allow your dog to be at your height to get your attention. It is necessary to understand where this attention-seeking comes from in order to be able to deal with the problem at the source: perhaps he wants you to let you know that he needs to get out?

Others will tend to climb on the furniture when their masters leave. This behavior may manifest itself in difficulty in dealing with loneliness. Sometimes, climbing up on furniture will allow your dog to see through a window and watch for your arrival. Again, the problem should be dealt with at its source.

what should you do if your dog gets up on the table?

My dog climbs on the table, what should I do? How can I prevent my dog from climbing on the furniture?

Educating your dog

To prevent a dog from repeatedly committing a mistake, it is necessary to train it. An education that must be done seriously from his youngest age, because it is at this moment that he will assimilate the rules of life… but also the bad habits!

When you surprise your dog on your furniture, be firm to let him know that he has no right to do that. A hard “no” by taking him by the skin of the neck or the collar to put him back on the ground is enough to lecture him. Using violence is useless, it is useless to hit him because it will not solve the problem faster.

However, be careful how you pick up your dog. If you simply put him back on the ground or push him, he may see it as a game and continue to do something stupid.

Always be firm when reprimanding your dog, a hand or finger gesture when you yell at him can help since he will associate the gesture with the punishment. It will also be useful for the next time if you notice that he is about to do something stupid, making this gesture will dissuade him.

Keeping your dog busy

To dissuade your dog from climbing on the furniture, it will be a matter of diverting his attention by making more interesting things available to him. Invest in several interactive toys for your dog: a plush toy that makes a noise, a treat-dispensing ball, or even intelligence games!

To prevent your dog from climbing on the table during your absence, don’t hesitate to reassure him when you leave, leave in his basket an item of clothing bearing your scent and offer him new toys to keep him occupied.

Block access to surfaces

In addition to education, you may need to consider blocking access to all your furniture your dog is used to sitting on. Flip chairs over on the table, remove brackets for mounting on a piece of furniture, etc. This is a method that requires organization, but if the dog continues to climb on the furniture it will be necessary. The purpose is to remove this bad habit by simply preventing him from carrying it out.

What if nothing works?

If all the given solutions and tips do not bear fruit after several weeks of practice, the ultimate solution is for the dog trainer and/or the behaviorist. The educator will be able to re-educate your dog and to guide you to learn how to make your voice heard. He will give you all the necessary advice for the education of your dog, even if he is old. As for the behaviorist, he can be useful if you are trying to understand the reason for this behavior.

Do not hesitate to contact specialists to help you in the education of your disobedient dog.

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