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What to do if your dog is crying


How to train a dog that cries at night? What to do if your puppy cries all the time? Dogs are dependent on their owners and not all of them appreciate solitude. Depending on the character of the animal and his education, the dog may have difficulty staying alone and even become anxious. In this case, the dog will become anxious and will show his stress by crying or howling while his owners are away. Barking and crying at night or during the day can be difficult to manage, especially for an apartment dog. Find out how to manage a puppy or dog that cries when it is alone.

Why do puppies and dogs cry?

Crying in puppies and dogs is an expressive behavior of the animal that can’t stand to be alone in your home. Dogs can cry, squeak, and even bark for various reasons: dog crying in the car, during walks outside, in the car… It is therefore essential to fully understand this canine behavior in order to be able to provide an adapted solution. A young dog, like an adult dog, can cry for many reasons and there are just as many solutions to make him stop this behavior.

Concerning the crying of puppies and dogs when they stay alone in your home, this situation is particularly complicated to manage when you live in an apartment. Indeed, the neighborhood will tend to complain about your dog’s crying and barking. It will therefore be necessary to quickly review the dog’s education and find solutions.

Find out the causes of a puppy or dog crying in the absence of his owners.

Reasons for a crying puppy

Puppies and young dogs are pets that are often very dependent on their families and hyperactive. They therefore tend to demand a lot of attention and need their owners to make them feel safe. In addition, puppies are still learning and it is therefore necessary to intervene quickly if the puppy cries while you are away, at night, or in other situations. He can also wait for his owners to return to the front door. The puppy must be taught to stay alone.

There are several possible reasons for a puppy or young dog to cry and bark when you are away. The most common reason is being alone and locked in your house or apartment. In addition to crying and barking, the puppy will tend to do other things: destroying objects, urinating on the floor,… It is a behavior to alert you and to ask you not to leave him alone.

Same observation for hyperactive and very playful puppies, they cry or bark during the moments when they are not at home to play or to demand attention. These young animals can show their nervousness and hyperactivity by barking, crying, or whining.

What to do if your dog is crying
Reasons for a crying adult dog

For adult dogs, crying and barking during your absence is more problematic. Indeed, these animals are supposed to be well trained and educated when they are adults and the reasons are often more complex than for a puppy that cries. Know that a dog never cries for no reason.

The first reason a dog cries, whines or moans while you are away is anxiety caused by loneliness. Separation anxiety or phobia in dogs is a real concern for owners because the dog will tend to exhibit this behavior on a regular basis when left alone. If you live in an apartment, your pet dog’s crying and moaning will quickly cause you to be upset with your neighborhood, but you will also be unhappy to know how your furball feels when you are away.

Stress or loneliness anxiety in a dog who is alone at home is therefore one of the main causes of crying and barking. The causes of separation anxiety and hyper-attachment in dogs are difficult to understand, and it is recommended that you see a canine behaviorist to help you treat this abandonment neurosis or abandonment syndrome.

A second reason for these vocalizations is the dominant dog. Dominant dogs tend to be anxious and nervous but especially to cry and bark a lot. The link between dominance and crying is often boredom. In fact, the dominant dog often cries and whines when he is out of exercise for example.

Finally, some breeds of dogs are known to be particularly weepy or barking. Whining and moaning to get favors from their owner or to demand attention, these breeds tend to show this behavior problem when these dogs are alone.

In the case of a dog that cries all the time during your absence, during the day or at night, these vocalizations are caused by the animal’s loneliness. Very often, crying in a dog alone is most often detected by complaints from neighbors.

My puppy is crying, what should I do?

If your puppy cries when you leave, you will need to undertake training exercises. It is normal for a young dog in training to show crying and barking when you leave him. The puppy is very attached to you, but also dependent on you for walks, food… It will be necessary to quickly set up obedience lessons in order to correct this behavior and to teach his puppy to stay alone. Because this problem of loneliness worsens with age and it will be more and more complex to wean him from you.

If your puppy cries and whines at night while you are present, do not make him sleep with you and do not give in to this behavior. On the contrary, you must create his space and teach him to sleep in it. You will benefit from adopting a strict attitude towards your pet when he is older.

What to do if your dog is crying

My adult dog is crying, what can I do?

To teach a dog to stay alone is more complicated because it is necessary to review his education. Especially since an adult dog is often louder when he cries and barks than a young dog. If your dog cries and squeaks because he doesn’t want to be without company, you will have to intervene quickly. The more you allow this complaining behavior to happen, the more complicated it will be to correct. If you want to leave your dog alone without him crying, you should also do some training exercises.

Nevertheless, if you detect that your dog is highly anxious or even too attached to you, it will be all the more complicated to stop his crying when he is separated from his owners. To care for an adult dog that cries when he is alone, here are some tips to make him work:

Make sure your dog is not bored by offering him physical activities adapted to his needs. Some dominant or very active dogs need to let off steam during long walks.

Offer the animal games and toys during your absence to keep him occupied. In spite of his character very dependent on his master, the dog may also appreciate being alone for a few hours if he has something to do. You can also offer him search games by hiding his favorite toys or treats for example.

Re-educate the dog to make him stop crying. Do training exercises by imitating departures to teach the dog not to be stressed when he is alone at home. For example, by playing with the front door or putting on your coat. You can also make the dog work by taking a few seconds to several minutes away from home.

Broadcast recognizable sounds for the animal to make it believe it is in the house: turn on the radio, put on music,…

Do not give in to the dog’s crying and groaning, otherwise, you let him take control. Do not pay attention to the dog that cries and barks because of his loneliness for a few minutes before and after your departure. Not yielding to the dog’s crying and howling is particularly complicated to set up in an apartment.

Be careful not to punish a crying dog when it is without company, this behavior can be corrected with patience. However, if your dog cries, barks, and destroys your house, he will have to be punished intelligently for this last fact. If your doggie is a victim of abandonment syndrome, the help of a canine behaviorist is essential because it is a real pathology. The dog will need withdrawal therapy as well as sedatives to reduce his stress.

Tips to stop a crying dog at night

There are a few tips, more or less effective, for a dog that barks and complains when he is alone. The goal is to reduce the dog’s anxiety so that he understands that moments alone should not stress him or make him think that he is abandoned .

For example, you can opt for a barking collar adapted to your pet if it is an apartment dog and you have received many complaints. But this is a false solution because without re-educating your dog, it will continue to cry but will tend to bark less. By consulting your veterinarian, it is possible to have a prescription for medication to calm the dog. There are also calming products available in pet stores and at veterinarians’ offices that can help calm the dog’s stress.

In all cases, it is important to understand why your dog is crying in order to teach the dog to stay alone. You can discuss it on the forum to understand your dog by sharing your experience with other owners.

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