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Why does my dog rub his nose on the floor?


You don’t know what’s wrong with him, but lately, your dog has been rubbing his nose on the floor. You’re pretty sure he’s not sniffing because he’s got his nose stuck to the floor or the carpet.

Why does the dog rub his nose on the floor or carpet? This strange and unusual behavior can have several reasons. It may be due to the fact that he likes the smell of your carpet, but it can also be a sign of a more serious problem.

Find out why the dog is rubbing its nose on the floor.

Why is my dog rubbing his nose on the floor? He scratches

This is the first plausible explanation. It may indeed be that his muzzle -which is still one of the most sensitive parts of his body- itches. So he rubs it on the floor to scratch it. Now we must try to understand where the itching comes from.

He suffers from an allergy

When your dog suffers from an allergy, it is often his nose that is attacked first. If he rubs it on the floor all the time, as a result, make sure he doesn’t have a particular allergy. These may be contact allergies (toy, bowl, etc.), but they can also be dust mite allergies, or pollen allergies if you have flower pots or a garden to which he has access.

Allergies can often be recognized by the presence of redness or even wounds on the nose. In the case of a pollen allergy, they can be accompanied by conjunctivitis.

It suffers from a skin disease

Some dermatological problems can cause severe irritation and itching on the dog’s muzzle. The most common problem is due to Pemphigus and pemphigoid, an autoimmune disease that manifests itself by the formation of blisters or butterflies on the animal’s nose.

These can be very itchy, and once your dog scratches, will cause peeling and the formation of erythema. The problem may also be less severe. Chops and truffles are very sensitive areas and even a sunburn could irritate them.

Why does my dog rub his nose on the floor?

Why does my dog rub his nose on the floor? He wants to get rid of something

Unusual behavior does not always hide a health problem – although it is always advisable to check with a veterinarian. But always take the time to examine your pet before you leave for a consultation. He may rub his nose just to get rid of something that’s bothering him.

This is all the more plausible in a dog that has the annoying habit of sticking its nose everywhere! If you have a garden, for example, or brush near your home, your dog could have -by sniffing- allowed foreign bodies to enter. It is not uncommon to see caterpillars or even thorns in the dog’s nostrils!

You would be surprised to learn what small bugs can hide in a nasal orifice. Small insects and even fly larvae can also be found there. And under these conditions, there is enough to drag your snout on the ground.

Why does my dog rub his nose on the floor? He is teething!

This is very rare, but it is also possible. Teething is no fun for your canine companion. As with humans, it causes a very unpleasant sensation of pain, irritation, and itching. It is therefore possible that your dog -to relieve himself in his own way- rubs his nose on the floor. To help him stop, all you need to do is buy him teething rings or toys that he can chew on.

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