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You Should Care About Your Dog Diet


If you own a dog, you will probably not be surprised to learn that it is an omnivorous animal. Your faithful quadruped is always ready to clean the cooking of all fallen leftovers on the table, whether they are pods of beans or pieces of meat. And let’s bet that he never refuses a small dog treat or a bone to chew. When, in fact, all this is absolutely superfluous.

Keep it in shape

So there’s no question of granting a little extra to your dog from time to time? Let’s not exaggerate. You can obviously, for example, give him the bone of the rib you have just cooked on your barbecue. The important thing is not to not make a habit of it. Because dogs have a very different diet humans. They don’t need three meals per day. Kibbles and water are sufficient. Dog food is composed in such a way as to ensure all their needs. They contain all the substances necessary for the dog.

All the little extras you give to your dog, such as sweets, a piece of meat … come to add to their full meal. It’s a bit like with our chips or cookies. You are not without to give it up, but they are not ready to give up. unfortunately do no good to your body.

It is estimated that in Belgium, a dog out of about three is overweight, which means that the can cause cardiovascular problems, diabetes, diabetes, heart disease skin… To keep your dog in shape, it’s best to finish with these extras.

But of course, it is important that the dog food that you give to your doggie contain all the elements necessary nutrients…

Dry or wet food?

You Should Care About Your Dog Diet

Whether dry or wet, all foods, whether dry or wet, are dog food should contain the totality of the necessary nutrients. We therefore have no preference in this regard. But there are quite a few differences… For example, the kibbles for dogs are much less likely to give off-flavor, which can make the nostrils of a dog of character.

The wet foods have a stronger smell appetizing. But, as a result, the dog will be tried to swallow them more quickly, which is less the case with croquettes. Kibbles have another advantage: they maintain the teeth of the patient. your dog Chewing the kibble prevents the formation of limescale. In addition, the kibbles are easier to dose than wet food, and what is not negligible, that they are also significantly cheaper than their wet equivalent. Again is it, of course, necessary that the food The dry ingredients contain all the necessary nutrients. In a number of studies, scientists have sought to determine how to which nutrients are involved.

But, so far, the law does not yet specify the elements that must be included in the for dogs, and those who do may not be included. We have analyzed the content of 27 sachets of dog food, based on the recommendations of the of FEDIAF, the European organization animal feed industries. We have selected products for dogs between 10 and 25 kilos.

Rich in proteins

Dog kibble must first all contain sufficient protein. In fact, nearly half of the tissues in the A dog’s body is made of protein. These are also important for skin and coat care. Proteins are a combination of amino acids. Dogs find essential amino acids in their food only, they can’t make them themselves. But all proteins do not have the same usefulness for your dog.

For example, our analyses have shown that dog kibble Adult with beef, from Tom & Co, have a high level of collagen. Collagen is also a protein, but it’s badly digested by dogs. It is in fact a mediocre protein, which is essentially found in bones and ligaments

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